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Occupy Sandy

Obama on Climate Change

You can almost taste the donor money during the debates.

Post Sandy Election

Sweden Runs Out of Garbage, Forced to Import New Garbage

Seriously Sweden?


From steel to green.

Like most Angelenos, artist Stephen Glassman spends too much time stuck in traffic.

Choked with smog and surrounded by concrete, steel, and advertising, the experience of driving in LA can feel like the ultimate disconnect from other humans and the environment.

Urban Air seeks to subvert that daily alienation — one billboard at a time. The idea is pretty simple: Take disused billboards, remove the commercial facade, and install a living, breathing cloud forest of bamboo. 

Glassman’s current Kickstarter project is raising funds to implement a pilot forest high above an LA freeway. The vision is to nurture a green takeover of billboards around the world, kickstarted by this first attempt at building a floating garden amid the asphalt jungle.

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 Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid

This is probably one of the most chilling PSAs I’ve seen in awhile. The candid look of self reflection from the adult smokers as they read the simple question was powerful.

The human interest, and the natural interest, and the spiritual interest of this planet need to begin to take a priority over the corporate interest, the military interest, and the materialistic interests.

—Michael Franti (via divinalion)

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